Why Nigerians should not be wear Military camouflage
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Why Nigerians should not be wearing Military camouflage – Chief of Defense Staff

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Chief of Defence Staff, General Lucky Irabor has explained why civilians in Nigeria should not be wearing military camouflage.

The CDS in an interview on Channels Television on Friday, January 14, reacted to the crackdown on the use of military gear by civilians. He stated that the present security situation does not allow the use of military gear by people who are not personnel of the Defence Headquarters (DHQ).

Irabor said;

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“The criminals among us have had to take advantage of the military, police, and other security agencies’ gear to perpetrate crime.

“We live in a peculiar society – I do not need to restate what the make-up of our society is, what the level of discipline is generally.

“And when you compare it (Nigerian structure) to some places where a few individuals believe that whatever practice goes on in those societies should be replicated here, the other elements of social life in those societies; they do not bring that to bear right here.”

He also assured Nigerians that the DHQ would continue to take appropriate actions to ensure that they don’t see the military in a bad light when they wear its gear.

Irabor added;

“Ordinarily, we will be glad to see that our symbol (gears) is being used for good causes.

“A good number of those who use them have used them for ignoble causes and so, that brings us to a state where you begin to make certain assumptions.

“So, you should be safe first, then by your investigations, you can exonerate those who are using them for good causes. This is where we are.”

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