Pastor bathing female church members
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Watch Pastor bathing female church members n@ked during service (VIDEO)

by Charles Olowe
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Pastor bathing female church members

A viral video has shown a Ghanaian Pastor bathing his female church members right inside the church’s auditorium.

Based on the words of the pastor, it was concluded that the bathing of the female church members was at the 2021/2022 crossover service.

his was also confirmed by the banner behind the pastor.

Pastor bathing female church members

While the main pastor bathes the church members, another man, also in a suit like the head of the church, was rubbing what was described as anointing oil on them.

The process was this: the female church member takes off her clothes, ties a towel around her body, steps into a big bowl in front of the pastor, and then she is bathed for.

After that, the lady then kneels before the other man in a suit, who then rubs her body with oil.

According to the pastor, the “holy bath” was to cleanse the members so they could be “holy and pure”.

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Despite acknowledging the absurdity of his action, the pastor said he got the directive from God and he could not but carry it out.

He was heard in the video saying: “Fast, fast, fast, we don’t have time.”

The church members stripped were seen tying towels while being rubbed olive oil by another Pastor after the bath.

The cleric also claimed that he got the directive from above and knows it might cause controversy even though he has no option other than to obey the spirit.

Local news platforms in Ghana reported that the Pastor engaged in the ritual to cleanse his members so they will be “holy and pure”‘.

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