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The Clash Of Talent Beatz by @iamKristerbeatz_official

by Krister
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The Clash Of Talent Beatz by @iamKristerbeatz_official

The Clash of talents brought to you by Ayogen Links is set to promote all potential in the young ones in the communities.

The Clash of talents is a platform given to young talented youths to showcase their given gifts.

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Please follow the instruction carefully.

For a vote to count, voters must follow Ayogenlinks on Instagram, like on Facebook, and subscribe on Youtube as well like and comment on his/her favorite contestant

The beats Below are for you to prepare for the grand finale, Best of luck. 

Beat 1: Contestants sing on a slow beat, singing a motivational song/story.


Beat 2: Contestants sing on a Reggae beats, singing a love story.

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