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Popular Ghanaian Singer Open Up

by Ayogen
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A Singer was interviewed on Asaase Radio‘s Accra-Lagos-Joburg show, the actress explained that she prefers Nigerian men to Ghanaians because they care more for their women.
She added that Nigerian men are very good with apologies and it is easier to forgive them, stressing that the case is different from their Ghanaian counterpart
Efia said; “Honestly, I love Nigerian men more because they know how to take care of their women, I can’t say the same for Ghanaian men.

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“When a Nigerian man is lying to you, the way he will come afterward to apologize you will easily forgive him, but a Ghanaian man will lie and even insult you on top of it all. So, I’m not dealing with any more Ghanaian men”
Meanwhile, Bobrisky’s former personal assistant Oye Kyme has alleged that the crossdresser’s real source of income is making adult content
Oye took to her Insta Story to share some truths about herself. She stated that she is now into such movies which are on prominent porn sites.
She explained further that her former employer Bobrisky also shares some adult content on private platforms, adding that porn is actually his audio sugar daddy.
Oye also explained that while her parents might not be pleased about her decision to go into porn, her boyfriend does not mind.
She claimed that she is well paid for her adult movie

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