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Ondo Kingdom Celebrates 2022 Ogun Festival

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Ondo Kingdom Celebrates 2022 Ogun Festival

Ondo kingdom has been excited for a week as the people celebrated 2022 Ogun Festival in the town.

The people of Ondo kingdom both home and diaspora converged to celebrate Ogun Festival.

Ogun Festival in Ondo is celebrated between the months of August and September every year.

Ogun festival is a festival that is being celebrated in recognition and admonition of the god of Iron.

According to  Yoruba Mythology, Ogun was one of the earliest divinities (òosà). He loved hunting and was referred to as ” Osin- Imole” that is the ” first of the primordial deity to come to Earth.” He cleared path for other deities coming from heaven to possess the Earth, using a metal ax with the assistance of a dog.


On the day of the festival, the Osemawe of Ondo leads the early morning possession wearing a beaded crown that covers his whole face with white sheet tied on his left shoulder over his flown agbada. The king is accompanied by the high chiefs, medicine men (Oloogun)  and many others.

Speaking during the festival, Chief Dickson Olasoji Agunbiade said  Ogun festival is celebrated to appease their ancestors for peace and harmony to reign in the kingdom. It is also the time to commemorate deceased ancestors and cultural heroes.

Ondo Kingdom Celebrates 2022 Ogun Festival

In addition, Oloja of Ifore, Engr. Raymond Abiodun Akinyele appreciated Ogun deity for what it did for the kingdom during their years of travails.

During Ogun festival, every section of professionals participate, for example Warriors, Medicine men, drivers, hunters, tailors, barbers blacksmiths, traders, artisans, traditional doctors, religious and political authorities etc.

The blacksmiths in particular by virtue of working with steel understand their work in a spiritual manner. They show indebtedness to Ogun as the founder of metal.

Ondo Kingdom Celebrates 2022 Ogun Festival

Different homes in Ondo celebrate the festival by wearing their historical and traditional costumes as they are also accompanied by drums (“agidigbo, dundun”) and bells, traditionally known as “Lagha logho”. They march through “Iyalaje shrine” to “Odotu” on their way to Ògúnleri, where they pay homeage at the shrine. It is important to know that different people secure their seats in Ọjà-Ọba to see different costudians of Ogún as they dance, perform magic, and pray for people who are magnanimous enough to give them gift.

Ondo Kingdom Celebrates 2022 Ogun Festival

Ondo Kingdom Celebrates 2022 Ogun Festival

Below is Ogun’s praise (oríkì)

Oríkì is a Yoruba cultural phenomenon that comes inform of praise poetry, praising either a person, òrìṣà (deity), or town based on their achievements.

Ogun lakaiye, osin imole – Ogun, the strong one of the earth, Chief among the deities
Ogun alada meji, ofi okan san’ko, o fi Okan ye’na – Ogun, the possessor of two matchets; with one he prepares the farm, and with
the other he clears the road.
Ojo Ogun nti ori oke bo – The day Ogun was coming down from the hilltop.
Aso ina l’o mu bora, ewu eje l’o wo – He was clothed in fire and bloodstained garment.
Ogun onile owo, olona ola – Ogun, the owner of the house of money, the owner of the house of riches.
Ogun onile kangunkangun orun – The owner of the innumerable houses of heaven.
O pon omi s’ile f’eje we – He has water in the house but takes his bath with blood.
Ogun awon l’eyin ju, egbe lehin omo orukan – Ogun whose eyeballs are rare (to behold), protector of orphans.
Ogun m’eje l’ogun mi – There are seven ogun who belong to me.
Ogun Alara ni igba’ja – Ogun of Alara takes dogs.
Ogun Onire a gba’ gbo – Ogun of Onire habitually takes rams.
Ogun ikola a gba’ gbin – Ogun of surgery habitually takes snails.
Ogun Elemona nii gba esun ’su – Ogun Elemona takes roasted yam.
Ogun a ki’run ni iwo agbo – Ogun a ki’run habitually takes ram’s horn.
Ogun gbena gbena eran awun nii je – Ogun of the artisans eats the flesh of tortoise.
Ogun Makinde ti d’ogun l’ehin odi – Ogun Makinde has become the ogun after the city wall.
Nje nibo l’ati pade Ogun? – By the way, where did we meet Ogun?
A pade ogun nibi ija – We met ogun in the battlefield.
A Pade Ogun nibi ita – We met Ogun at the junction.
A pade re nibi agbara eje naa – We also met him at the pool of blood.
A gbara eje ti i de ni l’orun bi omi ago – The pool of blood that reaches the neck like a cup of water.
Orisa t’o ni t’ogun ko to nkan – Whichever divinity regards ogun as of no consequence.
A f’owo je’su re nigba aimoye – Will eat his yams with his hands (without a knife) times without number.
E ma b’ogun fi ija sere – Do not joke about war with Ogun.
Ara Ogun kan go-go-go – Ogun is anxiously waiting to strike.

Ondo Kingdom Celebrates 2022 Ogun Festival

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