by Charles Olowe
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“Movement is something good and ideal but if movement failed to move, how do we go about it”.
If the purpose of a thing is unknown, its abuse becomes inevitable.
Movement according to the English dictionary means a group of people with a common ideology, who try together to achieve certain goals.
The topic could be viewed from two different angles, Youth and students, Will someone tell me that all youth are students? Does it mean all students are youth? I will try as much as possible to hit the targets of the topic by balancing the two areas – youths and students.
Everyone can look but very few can see, so not everybody can and will move. The movement here aside from physical ones also involved mental, spiritual, psychological, and logical movement.

Youth and students movements nowadays if not for kola nut or sale (smile), it would have been better but the reverse is the case. There are more than enough dealers (coded) who are available and ready to pay any price for students’ or youths’ movement but it depends on the price we want them to pay, either in form of cash which everyone prefers most, or responsibilities that very few can lobby for.

It is not too bad to negotiate movements, provided it is not just for a buccal cavity. Even life is like a marketplace, so if you are not buying, then you must be selling or you be onlookers. (simple).
The criteria in negotiating youth or students movements should be far and go beyond what the dealers hold or have at home (loaded with Meaning).
there are a lot of factors or general issues affecting youth or students’ movements so as not to digress beyond normal.
There are about one thousand and one issues affecting youth or students movements, but up to seventy percent of the factors can be looked into.
There will be M³ in today’s movement among youth or students in our country.
To justify my M³, MOVING, MEANINGFUL AND MORE MOVEMENT. let us look at it from this perspective.

MOVING MOVEMENT: Not all movements are moving, some will move and get used up or die along their way, some are stagnant movements. Movement can only gain higher velocity through SIMPLICITY, SPIRITUALITY, AND ORIGINALITY.

MEANINGFUL MOVEMENT: Some movements are moving but not meaningful, how do I mean, in analogy, did you think fetching water to extinguish aggressive fire outbreak and refrigerating such water before use is meaningful?, Do we need either cold or warm water for the task or what? And finally, MORE MOVEMENTS: More than one with a different vision and mission are needed, so a single moment will just be crawling and Staggering.

productive and fruitful movements are needed for the betterment of the job. Togetherness dignifies, simplicity brings about collectivity, collectivity yields responsibilities, and then productivity.
Permit me to pause for some time when we will be ruminating or deliberating on another topic, I want to appreciate your perseverance, time, and support. Thanks for reading me to the last bit.

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