Joe Biden sent ammunition to Ukraine
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Joe Biden sent ammunition to Ukraine

by Ayogen
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The President of America Joe Biden has sent ammunition to Ukraine to assist them in the blink of war that is about to happen between Ukraine and Russia.

It was said that Ukraine and Russia have on this war since 2014 and Ukraine is already invaded by Russia.

It has been stated that because of this invasion, Joe Biden decided to help Ukraine by sending ammunition that can be used for the war and also serves as a message of deterrence.

According to the report, it was gathered that Joe Biden has made a statement that troops may move in nearest terms.

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It was also gathered Joe Biden has not planned to put troops in Ukraine but can change any moment.

8500 U.S troops are on high alert in case the crisis escalates further.

270+ Javelin anti-tank missiles and 800+ rockets are part of the ammunitions sent to Ukrain by the U.S president.

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