Heads dug up and stolen from Australian cemetery
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Heads dug up and stolen from Australian cemetery

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Two heads have been dug up and stolen from a cemetery in Australia for a suspected “satanic ritual”.

Detectives were called to the Footscray General Cemetery in Melbourne, Australia on Tuesday, Feb 1, after the unknown grave-robbers raided dead people’s bones and left satanic symbols on the graves.

A human head was taken from the grave along with other body parts, with an attempt to desecrate another grave also apparent.

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It was the second head to be stolen from the cemetery in four days.


Heads dug up and stolen from Australian cemetery for


The disturbing second find came after passersby noticed opened coffins in the cemetery, while a crucifix and some written notes were also reported to be removed from a mausoleum by emergency services.


One expert speaking to Australian media said that the appearance of Satanic symbols at a cemetery for the believed ritual was a first in the nation, as previous cases she had studied had taken place in Britain.

Criminologist Dr. Xanthe Mallett told 7News: “It is interesting, some of the symbols that have been left around these mausoleums appear to be satanic.

“And I’ve seen that in the UK, but I’ve never seen any satanic cult activity in Australia.

“I haven’t seen a precedent where graves have been robbed for anything other than past times – grave robbing used to be when bodies were being taken and provided for anatomical reasons – but we’re talking hundreds of years ago.”

Police confirmed they will be stepping up patrols at the location, with CCTV cameras now installed.

Acting Inspector Jarman said they have been in communication with those families whose loved ones were desecrated.

He added: “And it’s very distressing this is unexpected. They expect their loved ones to be put to rest in the cemetery.”




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