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Buhari must go, terrorism has taken over Nigeria – Falana

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Terrorism has taken over Nigeria: Human rights lawyer, Femi Falana, has said President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration has brought depression and hardship. Falana stated this while speaking at the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) protest in Lagos on Tuesday.



Terrorism has taken over Nigeria

He also made reference to Buhari’s remarks that he is eager to leave office.


“The living standards of our people are getting worse by the day. We didn’t vote for a regime to cause hardship in Nigeria and that is what is going on,” Falana said. “As we are gathered here today, terrorism has taken over our country. Hardship has taken over our country. Depression has taken over our country. Recession has taken over our country, but President Buhari is junketing all over the world. He’s already told Nigerians that he’s tired and he’s anxious to go home. We are therefore saying today that Buhari must go.


“For the lecturers in our tertiary institutions and other workers, we are fully with you. Like our comrades have said, this is a warning protest, #EndSars protest will be a child’s play because we’re tired and frustrated and disenchanted. And I join our comrades in saying that enough is enough. Don’t let them deceive you by saying there is no money in our country. It’s a lie. We reject the dubious economic programmes of this  regime. We reject the neoliberal policy of this regime. We can’t continue promoting poverty in the midst of plenty.”

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