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Yesterday closely 20, 000 students of Adeyemi Federal University of Education, Ondo the newly upgraded institution woke up with a greet of the unconstitutional “lift of Ban” by the illegitimate so-called Electoral Commission (ELECO), on top of that the report and information gathered disclosed that the names of students constituted as ELECO didn’t pass through the customary process of selection.

It was unearthed that both the Student Union President and Senate President deliberately flout the union Constitution in a bid to impose their will in the coming election and to cover up their flaws since inception into the office.

A couple of weeks ago, the General Secretary of the Union Com. Anutomi released a stunning revelation of mismanagement and embezzlement of union funds, not just that she analysed different strategies been used by the two key union officers President Odunayo Gbenga and Senate President Ogbeni Famihan w ith an allegation that the DSA borrowed from the union purse which is yet to be refunded.

In my investigation, it was found out that a huge amount was withdrawn to overhaul union buses and other maintenance of which the money was diverted according to a report with evidence provided by my source.
Unfortunately, the Senate President who is saddled with the obligation to checkmate activities of the government through the sovereignty of the house of Senate has languished In his responsibility, he rather serves as the gumption of a heinous regime.

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Despite allegations from different angles against the two actors in the so-called regime to abridge their extravagances they rather graduating from one level of breaking down of law and order without a modicum of reverence for thousands of students who gave them with their votes.
The Constitution of the Electoral Commission add salt to injury and has led to blasts from students against these two officers.

According to a report from all the student union executives encompassing the Judiciary council and the House of Senate the President and the Senate leader veto the formation of the committee without legal processes from nomination to ratification by the House.
The two officers have constituted themselves as a constituted authority with a rebellious mind of always defying the constitution of the union that made them President and Senate President respectively.

In a sane and democratic educative environment like ours, it is an aberration, humiliation of the highest order for any union officers to go against the will of the people that elected them. It is a shame to our citadel of learning with the pedigree of being the foremost and fairest institution of education in Nigeria and well known across our continent to harbour such people to remain in power without being litigated, lulled or denounced after different opprobrium which they declined to defend.

I am a lover of justice and propagator of good governance, and campaigner of sane unionism, I stand to be challenged and I speak up on behalf of 20, 000 Arbican that the Constituted ELECO should be thawed while a new one should be formed according to the prerequisite of the constitution.

Also, on behalf of the Student populace, I challenge the Senators with immediate alacrity to form a quorum to pass “Vote of No Confidence” on Senate President Ogbeni Famihan for the show of impunity and absurdity and horrible representation at the SHS level.

The School Management should look into the matter and make the necessary ruling on all the allegations filed against the Two Union leaders.
The Student populace demanded that the two officers should vacate their various offices and surrender union properties in their custody until further notice when the verity is revealed.

AFUEDITES deserve good representation, people with a good pedigree and worthy are to be at the helm of affairs of the association not selfish and bad omens that are handling the affair in this current regime.

I Speak for Justice
I Preach Good Governance
I Support Peace and Harmony
I Condemned Bad Representation
I Stand with Arbicans
I am Charles Olowe

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