7 Expert Tips To Care For Your Bags
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7 Expert Tips To Care For Your Bags

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7 Expert Tips To Care For Your Bags

7 Expert Tips To Care For Your Bags

Accessories pull every outfit together, and they need extra level of care especially your jewelries, bags and shoes.

Your bags deserve some tender loving care away from the scratches, wrinkles and stains that begins to destroy them.

Leaving these wrinkles and stain on your bags would cause them to slowly decline until they eventually become bad. Granted, everyone forgets to take care of their bags once in a while, and the pain that comes with seeing your favourite bag become a ghost of itself hurts even worse.

So how do you keep your bag in prime condition for long? By following expert tips on how to care for, and store your bags.

1. Stop hanging them

As tempting as hanging your bag over a doorknob or hook sounds, it’s one of the worst ways to store your bags. This is because handing your bags by the handle could strain them and also distort the bag’s material.

Instead stand it upright on a shelf.

7 Expert Tips To Care For Your Bags

2. Keep away from light

Letting your handbag sit under sunlight could cause damage, and discolouration. Instead keep away from direct sunlight and low humidity to prevent mold.

3. Dust bags are goated

Every baddie needs dust bags to keep their bags in proper prime condition everytime. They’re also pretty affordable, so you save some coins on a new bag by only spending a few on dustbags.

4. Maintenance products make things easier

A little protection and nourishment keeps your bag lasting longer. For some leather bags, you need a leather cream while other leather bags would need a cleaner or protectant depending on the nature of the grain. Suede bags need a protectant spray to keep it in proper condition.

Other products also require different maintenance products.

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5. Cleaning

Depending on your bag material your bag would need a different cleaning method. For nylon bags, hand wash with a mild soap, cloth and rinse with water. Pat dry with a clean towel and air dry.

For leather bags, mix warm water and dish soap, dip a soft cloth into it, wring and gentle wipe the leather surface.

Use a second clean, damp cloth to wipe off the soap. Dry with a towel.

6. Use a handbag liner

Handbag liners protect the inside of your bags from spills and dirt. A liner also gives you more storage and makes it a lot easier to swap your bags.

7 Expert Tips To Care For Your Bags


7. Keep your bags zipped

Keep zips zipped and latches latched to protect your bag’s structure.

7 Expert Tips To Care For Your Bags

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