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5 Things Women Don’t Want To Hear During S*x

by Ajoke
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5 things women don’t want to hear during s*x

 5 things women don't want to hear during s*x from her partner
During sex, things can get into a frenzy, and people would want to express their affection or how much they are having so much fun.
Talking too much can lead to many some errors. We made a list of some things ladies shouldn’t say to their men during sex, but what of the other way round? What are some things women don’t want to hear during sex?
Sex can be in silence but some people love to talk and conversely say wrong things.
Not everyone loves having sex in silence – but talkatives can say nonsense.

Except you both are trying to get pregnant, saying you came inside her or the condom broke or the condom is inside her can induce serious panic, but if it is true, you must tell her so she can take necessary precautions.

This is the worst thing. Especially if it’s an ex or a random woman she doesn’t know about. You would have a lot of explanations to do, and none of your explanation would suffice.

Except she is into name-calling, there is no reason why you should insult her because she is having sex with you.

Which one is ‘you f***king slut?’, please, it’s not necessary.

When an orgasm happens you would know, there is no need to fish for it. It ruins the mood faster than you know.

If you make orgasm such a big deal, it’s harder to reach. Focus on enjoying yourself and doing what she wants.

5. “Be quiet!”

Seriously? Either we’ve turned up the volume because we want you to know how good we feel or you’re just totally blowing our mind. You really want us to simmer down?

 5 things women don’t want to hear during s*x




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