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5 Best Ways To Increase A Credit Score

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Have you been looking for the best ways to increase or rebuild your credit score?

This article is going to provide you with certain information you need and some likely question that is being asked:

  • Best ways to increase a credit score
  • Building your credit score from scratch /rebuilding your credit score
  • How to increase your credit score to 200 points in 30 days?
  • How to improve your credit score quickly?
  • How to make your credit score go higher.
  • How to boost a credit score overnight.

Top 5 Best ways To Increase A Credit Scores

I know there are several ways you can increase a credit score card, and I will be dealing with just five courses in this article.

  • Fixing credit cards error

There are several ways to fix a credit card error depending on the kind of error you are dealing with a double swipe of your card; you can do this

  • Report to necessary authorities

You can report to the appropriate authorities depending on the kind of error.

 I.e., Dealing with a double swipe of your card in a supermarket, you can meet the appropriate authority and bring out your credit card statement and receipt to explain the difference.

This can be cleared there, or you can move your complaint to the next level by gathering all necessary information and trails to your creditors

  • Prepare paperwork to back your claims

You would need several paperwork to back up your claims, especially before your creditor.

Your creditor must give you a feedback within 30 days, and the controversy is supposed to be sorted out before 90 days or a minimum of 2 billings

  • Write to your creditors
  • Paying cards more than once a month

Multiple payments don’t necessarily boost your credit score, but the most important thing is making payment before the deadline (Max. Of 29 days)

  • Don’t miss the payment

Payment history is significant if you want to increase your credit score.

To achieve a good payment history, you mustn’t miss a loan/credit card payment, and if at all you miss a payment, it shouldn’t be more than 29 days default. After that, defaults would be reported to the credit card bureau, decreasing your credit score.

  •  A secured credit card

A secured credit card can boost your score up to 200 points in a year.

This also helps build a more substantial history as long as lenders report every card payment to the credit bureau

  •  Become an authorized users

According to research done by credit sesame in 2018. Many people who become authorized users saw their credit card boost up to 11in the space of three months

There are some benefits attached to authorized users. Most card issuers – Experian, Transunion, or Equifax, don’t report authorized users to credit card bureau

You can make your child an authorized credit card user to boost your child’s credit history.

Building Your Credit Score From Scratch/Rebuilding Your Credit Score

There are several ways to build your credit score to scratch. I will be highlighting your five steps for you here.

If you have any more questions, you can use the comment box.

The best way to build a credit score from scratch is highlighted below

  1. Open a credit card
  2. Maintain a credit utilization ratio
  3. Pay your debt(Debt shouldn’t exceed 29 days)

If you want to know more about building your credit score from scratch, click on this link

 These are some questions you might want to ask.

  1. How to increase your credit score to 200 points in 30 days?
  • Report payments to the credit bureau
  • Get a builder loan
  • Get multiple types of credit 
  • Call your credit card company for an increased credit limit

I hope this was helpful; click on this link to learn more 

  1. How to Improve your credit score quickly?

There are several ways to help improve your credit score quickly; you can check the above article. Click on this link to learn more.

  1. How do I boost my credit score overnight?

There are several ways to boost your credit score overnight. Learn more 


I hope this article was helpful? And if you have more questions, drop them in the comment box

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