10 Funny Beliefs Of Yoruba People
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10 Funny Beliefs Of Yoruba People

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10 Funny Beliefs Of Yoruba People

In every part of the world, superstitions and misconceptions abound and are used to shape the lifestyle of people who reside in different communities. Today it can be found in culture, customs, religion- be it traditional or modern day religions and in Nigeria one tribe that seems to rule in the realm of superstition is the Yoruba tribe.

This ethnic group, like every other ethnic group, are known for their religious as well as cultural belief and traditions some of which are funny and nothing but just myths and superstitions (if you ask me).

Yoruba people hold a strong belief in their culture and traditions amongst which there are several cultural beliefs or superstitions as the case may be. Several information is being passed on to the younger by the elderly ones on how things should be. Most of these cultural beliefs are as a result of an event in the past or a way of making the people to be cultured.

Anyway, here are 10 funny beliefs of Yoruba people

Yorubas believe that it is wrong for a pregnant woman not to attach safety pins to her clothes. That way, she is merely inviting spirits to possess her unborn child.

The safety pin (like the name goes), sort of protects the foetus and keep it safe from the spirit roaming about.

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2. When you see a grass cutter in the day

 It is not a good omen to see a grass cutter (bush meat) in the day. It is the belief that trouble or evil looms to a relative of the person that sight this animal during the day.

3. Do not whistle at night

When you whistle at night, you’re simply calling on snakes and other reptiles into the house.

4. Talking while removing chicken feather

The outer coverings of a bird while it is being removed after killing is said to increase if you continue to talk while removing. The elderly ones make sure that the kids keep their mouths shut while they do. This is basically to improve speed and efficiency while at it.

As believed by the Yorubas, when a pregnant woman walks under the sun (especially around 1 pm), she’ll give birth to a disfigured child. So, pregnant women are advised to stay away from the sun.

The Yorubas believe that when you beat a child with a broom, you’ll render him impotent.

7. Sitting on a mortar

Mortars are used by the people in preparing some of their favorite dishes such as pounded yam, fufu and so on.  A serious warning is then given not to sit on this mortar. This is practically used as a means of hygiene. It is therefore used as a taboo to strike fear into the hearts of the people.

8. Do not look at a mirror at night

According to the belief of the Yorubas, it is wrong to look at a mirror at night because, instead of seeing your reflection, you’ll see a ghost.

This works well with infants, according to their belief. When an infant is experiencing hiccups, just put a piece of thread on the child’s head to stop the hiccups.

If a person crosses over you, your offspring will look like that person except the person crosses over you back

10 Funny Beliefs Of Yoruba People

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